Suzi’s and the Squirrels

I introduced a friend to Andy for some advice re Suzuki two stroke restoration. After we’d poured over some of Andy’s projects, we took a short ride to visit my old mate and mentor, TK – and had the opportunity to look over some rare motorcycles in his collection. A few pics below:

Andy’s BSA Gold Star nearing completion.

Above – some of Andy’s restored Suzuki 2 strokes.

Below – one of TK’s Scott Flying Squirrels. This is a 1927 model – he also has a mint 1930 and several other bikes under restoration.

My boyhood hero & mentor – still offering sage advice!

What a grand day! And on the topic of Suzi 2 strokes – here’s an archive pic of Dorothy’s Suzuki GT250, circa 1977.



Andy’s Suzuki Hustler restoration

Andy’s latest project, another ┬áT250 Suzuki Hustler, this one’s a 1972 model.I first saw this bike as a frame and a pile of boxes stacked into his car on his way home from purchasing it. An unbelievable job since!