New Years Day 2008

Three of the West Coast Procrastinators got together to begin 2008 with a celebratory ride. That meant they needed to behave on New Year’s Eve, however, a good night’s sleep was not enjoyed by all as we experienced the hottest New Year’s Eve ever recorded in Geelong.

Yesterday it was 43C (yes, that’s 109F) during the day and incredibly was still 38C at midnight.

I rode solo from Geelong to just near Colac where Steve’s property is.

Despite being a total fireban day again, Jan 1st 2008 was, however, a good day to head to the hills as a cool change was on its way.

After last summer’s bushfires people are edgynow that it is getting hot – some Gov.t awareness advertising. I hope it works.

I headed from Geelong to Colac. When I left at 9.00am it was already 30C, but I felt OK once I got moving. Andy trailered his bike down from Ballarat. After a brief chat we fired up the bikes and headed off towards Laver’s Hill. Here’s the route we took (click on map to enlarge), travelling the loop in a clockwise direction.

Two Norton Commandos

Steve on the Gellibrand to Laver’s Hill road – on a down hill, negative camber curve that he enjoys so much!

Here’s Andy following

We enjoyed a delicious lunch at Lavers Hill. (I had the foccacia though).

As we hit the Great Ocean Road there was a bank of frontal cloud which dropped the temp about 10C and made for really pleasant riding conditions.

We pulled up at the 12 Apostles helicopters helipad – just a paddock with a portable office really. You can get quite close to the choppers though.

We stopped for a breather on The Carlisle River road. Andy

Yours truly. Sorry Steve – pic of you didn’t work out.

This is the road we took home, riding in the uphill direction.

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